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Frequently asked questions


What do I need to do once I have a new PA?

If you have a new PA you should print off a new starter form, found here, and instruct the PA to complete ALL sections in full. This could delay the payment to your PA if incomplete. 

Do I have to issue an employment contract to my staff?

Yes, legally you have to issue these on the first day of their employment. Your insurance company provides you with two types of template contracts: a permanent employment contract and a zero hour contract. A contract is an agreement that sets out an employee's rights, responsibilities and duties, including the agreed minimum number of hours your employee will work each week.

If there are things you would like to amend/change in the contract, we would advise you email your changes to to have the changes approved.

Zero hour contracts are also known as casual contracts. This means you do not have to give your PA work and they do not have to do work when asked. Zero hour workers are entitled to statutory annual leave and the national minimum wage in the same way as regular customers. 

I have received a letter from HMRC containing an authorisation code - what should I do?

Please send a copy or a clear photo of the letter to the finance email address,, as soon as possible.

How can I use my PA hours?

As long as you have not exceeded your allocated hours, you are able to use your PA hours to your discretion. However, if you are an Oldham client your hours have to be used within the month.

Is there a minimum age to become a PA?

Yes, PA's have to be at least 18 years old.

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