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Here you'll find some of the paperwork that you might need to complete and return to us. Just click on the link to be taken to it.

To be completed online by all new PAs before they begin their employment. This will need to be completed even if you work with another Kaleidoscope client.

Please enter the number of hours you have worked and submit your timesheet using the template found here, in line with your payroll schedule cut off dates. Any time sheets received after that will be processed with the following months submission. 

           New Starter Form

Every employee is entitled to 5.6 weeks of annual leave every year. If your employee works a set number of hours every week then they should have a contract of employment that states how many hours a week they work for you. Their annual leave can then be forcast for the year by multiplying the number of hours they work by 5.6. Use this sheet to record when they take leave and keep a running check of how much they have left to use.

            Annual Leave Record Sheets

As an employer you need to issue your PA's with a contract of employment. Use this template if your PA is on a flexible hours contract.

       Sample Contract: 
      Casual Employees

This can be used when you have multiple PA's. Please put each PA's name across the top of each column and complete the hours below.

Family Timesheet



This is a contract template for permanent staff.

Statement of Main Terms of Employment

Information for Job Advertisement

To be completed by employers to show the required criteria for PA recruitment. Please give as many details as possible to enable a suitable match to be made.

Job Application

Online job application for prospective PAs.

GDPR Policy

Kaleidoscope's company GDPR policy.

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